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Friday, 7 August 2015

Conditioning your non swimmer to water

You might not have started with swimming lessons yet but you can still teach them to enjoy the water.

Start with pouring small amounts of water over their faces. You need to train them using ‘triggers’ or cues. You could simply say “Johnny, ready, go” and then pour the water gently over the face. With several repetitions over several weeks your child will learn to hold their breath before you pour the water.

Once you know they are holding their breath and are not anxious, start taking them into the shower with you and give them their cue before putting them under the shower for a couple of seconds.  Remember to go slowly with this over several weeks as you don’t want to frighten them.

If you are starting with a newborn - share a bath together. Gently roll your baby around in the water with a relaxed grip that allows them to float in the water. Maintain eye contact with them and smile a lot which teaches them that it’s ok and it’s fun.

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