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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Summer Time Swimming with young children

When the weather’s gorgeous and it’s “holiday time” the obvious choice is to go for a swim. However, it’s also a really good time to set some ground rules from the outset. Here are some suggestions to help you reinforce water safety:

POOL RULES should be safe and reasonable:

A sensible thing to do is to teach your child that before they ever go to play in water (regardless of whether it’s only a bucket or a paddling pool) they should get into their swimming gear, fetch a towel and put their sunscreen on. By them doing this every time it gives you a vital heads up that they intend to get in to the water.
  •       Never swim alone
  •       No diving, ever, into the shallow end
  •       No extreme jumping into the pool – e.g. off a fence, chair, floating toy.
  •       No dunking
  •       Don’t play dares – e.g. holding your breath underwater, hyperventilating or swimming out of your depth

If you have young children, it’s recommended that you always stay within arm’s reach of them while in a pool. Make sure you supervise total non-swimmers in shallow water.  If you are going to use a PFD (lifejacket, floatation suit) do not choose one that they can grow into as it's dangerous – it should fit snugly. 

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